Picture help

In order to use pictures in your ads or messages, first upload your pictures to the service.
Upload: - Go to 'Your information' and click 'Your pictures'
- Choose the picture you want to upload.
- Uploading will take a while depending size of the picture.
- Pictures will be available to you in the service within five minutes.
- You may send as many pictures as you want.

We withhold the right to remove pictures!
- The pictures may not be indecent or in any way hurtful or against good manner!
- You may not use picture displaying another individual other than yourself!
- You must own the copyright of the picture you use! So pictures you have downloaded from other services are not accepted.

If we suspect that you do not have the right to use a picture, it will be deleted.
- In addition, the pictures may not contain addresses or other information revealing a person's identity!
- Sending inappropriate pictures might result in an individual being banned from the service!
Wamli is not responsible for pictures published by the service users.